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Main page, introduces the FHT Stove and describes the operating principles.
Arrow   Stove for a ‘Net Zero CO2’ world
No CO2
Describes how the FHT Stove is specifically designed to operate in well insulated homes in the future ‘Net Zero CO2’ world where controllability and the ability to link to renewable heating systems such as Air Source Heat Pumps, low temperature radiators and under-floor heating systems are requirements.

Arrow   Outline Design Specification
Design parameters

Outline design parameters for the first FHT Stove model, including indicative sizing, nominal heat output to the room and to the heating system, etc.

FHT Stove testing

Background to the FHT Stove and the inventor, Simon Redford, with a link to download his short CV.

FHT Stove CH Connection

Lists some of the various ways that the FHT Stove can be connected directly into different types of heating systems.


Frequently Asked Questions concerning the ways the FHT Stove can be used.

UK Patent Certificate

Information about FHT Stove technology Patents.


Various ways that the FHT Stove can be used, including to maximise customer comfort, as a ‘green’, measure and full integration to work in parallel with central heating systems for maximum benefits.


How to contact FHT Stoves including a link to Redford-Tech Limited.

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