The FHT Stove
Stove Dimensions and Specification
FHT Stove dimensions
Perspective image of stove
The FHT Stove - outline specification

Width: 520mm
Height: 840mm
Depth: 440mm
Nominal heat output: 5kW room + heating
Heat output range: 4 to 6kW room + heating
Room output with fan OFF: 5kW nominal (4∼6kW range)
Room output with fan ON: 2.5kW nominal (2∼3kW range)
Heating output with fan ON: ∼50% of total output 1
Fuel type: Wood logs only (<20% moisture)2
Maximum log length: 300mm (12")
Efficiency and emissions: Compliant with EcoDesign (2022 regs)
Flue: Top connection only, 150mm (6")
Distance from combustibles: Not yet defined, but sides and back will remain at least as cool as a normal convector stove
Heating connection: Nominal 15mm connection to pumped circuit
Electrical Power: 230V AC mains, maximum 50W (including pump)
Colour: Initial model black (charcoal) - options to follow

Further Information

The FHT Stove can be connected to any hot water circuit whether pressurised or not, but must be pumped (not 'gravity fed'). A pump may be switched from the stove fan control circuit (230V AC mains). Options will be offered to switch the circuit remotely (fan ON/OFF) and via thermostatic controls.

The system is designed to be fail-safe in the event of a loss of power and the wet circuit is isolated from the fire. If the power is lost without notice (due to lightning in a storm for example) all the stove output will become room heat as though the fan is OFF.

When the fan is OFF (or the power fails) the top surface of the stove will be hot enough to provide limited food and water warming. When the fan is ON (transferring heat) the top surface will be cooler.

Specification may be subject to change.


1) The actual split between room and heating system with fan ON may vary depending on heating system temperature. For low temperature systems (including underfloor) slightly more heat may be transferred, whereas for high temperature traditional systems (70~80°C) slightly less heat may be transferred.

2) Note that the stove is designed to only burn good quality, seasoned wood and cannot burn coal. Ideally wood should have a moisture content of less than 20% which may be indicated by schemes such as Woodsure, but you do not need 'oven dried' wood - ideally source locally, stack to season and dry over one year, protect from rain but keep well ventilated until ready to use.