.....I'm interested as a consumer and as a possible installer....

...like to congratulate you on such an innovative idea ...

If it means waiting a year or 2 to be one of the first to have such a novel system then so be it, Iím prepared to wait!

I am very interested in the FHT Stove!

Love what you are doing

It looks like it meets every requirement perfectly with no compromise .....

....have been reading up on your FHT stoves and am very interested in purchasing one ....

.... your system is exactly what I need.

...would be keen to be one of the first to benefit from this new technology!

...your design would be perfect for a wood burner installation I want to carry out.

...itís a great shame that as yet itís not a product I can purchase off the shelf as I think it would be a simple decision to make.

I would indeed like to be one of the first customers to benefit.

This would be something that would work very well in my house.

Your system seems to address a lot of the problems associated with connecting a boiler stove to a pressurised heating system.

I am very interested in the technology I have seen on your website

This is just what I am looking for.

The FHT stove looks to be exactly what we are looking for.

....would provide a good solution for my central heating requirements.

We are very interested in purchasing one of your stoves.

.... impressed with what you have invented

Looks great - when can I buy one?

I am very intrigued by the idea ....

Your proposition looks interesting both to me as a home owner and also as something to bring to market.

...it has put all other multi fuel stoves in the past.

...Iím very interested in what you have achieved.

I am very interested in this technology and am keen to look at installing one of the stoves.

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I have read with fascination the description on your website. It corresponds exactly to what I have been looking for.

...- in fact it sounds a no-brainer....

...we are very interested in this concept & think that it would be something that would sell well in our area.

The idea is absolutely brilliant .....

...this is a very good system ...

We are very interested in your technology.

...it seems that this technology gives me even more, in than it allows me 'to have the power' at the flick of a switch to kick in the central heating system when I want to. How much more could I ask for?

I have read your website with considerable interest.

The concept of an FHT stove greatly appeals to me .....

Congratulations on a fantastic idea ,it looks like a winner

..I am really interested in this type of stove as it sounds like just what I am looking for.

I am very interested in your product

... Its what I have been looking for ages as I have a sealed central heating system

...I am extremely interested in these stoves.

...and the FHT system seems ideal and simple to install...

Great idea!

Definitely interested.

I am very interested in your woodburning stoves...

...am very interested in your FHT stove.

Having viewed your FHT website I find it very interesting.

...please keep me posted on further developments.

..the best thing since sliced bread!

I am going to hold off from buying a stove till this comes on the market.

I am very impressed by the technology of your design.

It's a great idea.

...I would be pleased to hear from you when the FHT stove is commercially available.

..exactly what I am looking for.

From my research your system would be Ideal.

...would be interested in wholesale as well.

Your idea seems to be a no brainer.

Would be great if we could get our hands on it.

...I like the simplicity of the FHT system.

...directly plumbing the stove straight into the radiator circuit is of a great benefit.

I am very interested in buying a stove that uses your technology.

Your concept looks so simple but effective and appears to eradicate virtually every....

Your concept is elegantly simple in operation. I'd buy 3 tomorrow !

Your FHT stove would be ideal for me....

I really like the concept and cannot wait to see the results.

We are very interested in the FHT stove......

I would like to take advantage in this new technology & when i can buy & where

I am very impressed with your invention and hope that it comes available soon.

I am very interested in the system that you have on your web site.

...and believe this product could be an excellent addition for us

It looks excellent, and just the product that I need.

I am very interested in the heat transfer from stove to central heating ...

Love this Idea

I've finally found the answers on your site!

...because they are ideal for my situation...

Finally a suitable solution!

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