1st Dec 2015 - 60,000th Unique Visitor welcomed to FHT Stoves Website
FHT Stoves is delighted to have welcomed it's 60,000th unique visitor to the website today.

11th Feb 2015 - Second UK Patent Granted
Patent GB2497029 "Transferring heat from solid-fuel stoves" granted

July 2014 - European Patent in force across Europe
The European Patent granted in April now in force in 16 European states

23rd April 2014 - European Patent Granted
Today the European Patent Bulletin (17/2014) published the notice of grant for EP2382422.

April 2014 - 30,000th Unique Visitor to FHT Stoves Website
Potential customers continue to find the unadvertised FHT Stoves website in their search for practical solutions for linking wood burning stoves to heating circuits. Recent enquires have included potential customers looking for solutions for boats, flats, linking with other renewable heating systems, underfloor heating and of course linking to modern pressurised central heating circuits.

25th November 2013 - Intention to Grant European Patent Announced
FHT Stoves is pleased to announce that the European Patent Office has today issued a communication under Rule 71(3) indicating their Intention to Grant European Patent application EP 10701038.1, "Stove Comprising an Apparatus for Capturing Heat" (published as EP2382422). The communication can be viewed via the European Patent Register here.

4th March 2013 - 10,000th Unique Visitor to FHT Stoves Website
FHT Stoves today welcomed its 10,000th unique visitor to this website. Analysis of search strings used to find the FHT Stoves website show that many potential customers want to link their wood burning stoves to central heating systems but are frustrated by the complexity, cost and looks of conventional 'back boiler' solutions. The final straw for many is when they find that most back boiler stoves cannot be operated in 'smoke controlled' areas and that options to connect to pressurised heating systems (particularly 'combi' boilers) are very limited, whereas the FHT Stove can maintain 'clean burn' conditions for smoke controlled regions and can be connected to any heating circuit.

1st March 2013 - New Zealand Patent Granted
Grant of the first FHT Stoves international patent in New Zealand was announced today, March 1st 2013, in the NZ Patent Journal number 1605. Further patent applications based on the international application (PCT/GB2010/050013) are pending for Europe, United States and Canada (EU and US in Examination). More information and links to patent databases can be found on the IP page.

November 2012 - FHT Stoves appears in Fires & Fireplaces Magazine
The November edition of Fires & Fireplaces magazine features an article by its editor, Erica Royle, about FHT Stoves. The article has been reproduced with the kind permission of Fireplace Marketing Company Ltd. and can be viewed here (opens new window)

26th October 2012 - 5,000th Unique Visitor to FHT Stoves Website
FHT Stoves today welcomed its 5,000th unique visitor to this website. Visitor numbers have increased rapidly over the last few months as this unadvertised site has climbed the search engine ratings due to the unique product offering - quite simply, no other product is offering the functionality of the FHT Stove.

November 2011 - 1,000 hours of testing completed
More than 1,000 hours of testing the FHT Stove concept have now been completed. Testing has taken place on three different stove designs and in various configurations, showing the versatility of the technology. In all cases tests have successfully demonstrated 'fail safe' operation. The design is now sufficiently proven for transfer to commercial stove models.

August 2011 - PCT National Filings Completed
FHT Stoves has now completed national phase filings from the principal international patent PCT/GB2010/050013 in Europe (including some extension states), United States, Canada and New Zealand. For more details see the IP page of this website.

7th April 2010 - UK Patent Granted
FHT Stoves is pleased to announce that today, 7th April 2010, the UK Intellectual Property Office published grant of UK patent GB2459348 covering the core technology of the FHT Stove. Further information, including links to the UKIPO database, can be found via the IP page of this website.

January 2010 - PCT Patent Filed
Following successful testing of the FHT Stove concept and a favourable reception from manufacturers and potential installers, the UK patent application has been filed internationally as PCT/GB2010/050013.

June 2009 - Initial Proving Test Completed
The FHT Stove concept has now been successfully demonstrated on a wood burning stove, proving that heat can be successfully 'switched' from the stove to a water heating circuit by operation of the transfer fan. Further development and testing is now planned to perfect the design, ensure near silent operation and to prove that the technology is 'fail safe' under all circumstances.

19th March 2009 - UK Patent Filed
UK Patent Application GB0904718.4 was filed today, 19th March 2009, covering the core operating principles of the Fan Heat Transfer Stove technology. This patent application builds upon initial application GB0900259.3 filed in January and following 'demonstration of principle' experiments.

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